Monday, August 15, 2016

Hero Forge Update - Gray Plastic Returns!

For the past several months, many users have been requesting an update regarding the Gray Plastic beta material we'd run back in April and May. We've been listening and actively working around the clock to reintroduce this option. We're now happy to announce that we've reintroduced this material option for a second round of beta testing.

As before, we want to make it clear that this material is still new to us and our manufacturing partners, and as a beta material may be subject to extended fulfillment times. We have relaunched this material with a slightly increased price point of $29.99 to compensate for some of the production challenges we've encountered for this material, but based on user reviews, feedback, and our experience with the material, we're optimistic that many users will find it to be a great option for highly detailed, paintable, custom miniatures. We can't wait to hear more feedback from users about this new product offering.

For those of you who missed the first beta, our Gray Plastic is a dark gray plastic material with superior detail and durability compared to our ultra detail plastic option. For more information, you can view our Material and Pricing documentation: where we talk about the materials properties and process.

We look forward to hearing your feedback. Don't hesitate to reach out with your questions or comments below and let us know what you think. We thank you again for your ongoing interest, support, and engagement in our quest to bring customized tabletop miniatures to the world.

The Hero Forge Team

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hero Forge Update - New Parts

Greetings, Hero Forge Fans. We're happy to announce another update to our mini builder. Come by and check out the "new" category to take a look at the fresh content, or read on for a list of recent additions.

New Parts
-Six new hair options
-Four new beard options
-Thirteen new handheld item options
-One new side item option
-Two new helms
-Two new shoulder armor options
-Two new chest pieces
-Two new glove/gauntlet options
-Two new legwear options
-Two new footwear options
-Two new base item options
-Two new "outfit" preconfigs: a Grecco-Roman armor set and a dwarven armor set.

In other news, we are experiencing an issue with order tracking, with orders listed as "unknown" on the user profile page. We are working to correct this issue and apologize for the inconvenience. No news on the return of the beta Gray Plastic option yet. We are still working with out manufacturing partner researching it's long-term sustainability. While we have no news or ETA for a return of the material, we will post any news as it comes to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thanks for checking in, and feel free to leave comments below or reach out to with questions, comments, or suggestions. Until next time...

The Hero Forge Team