Monday, June 6, 2016

Another update!

Hello there, Hero Forge Fans. We just released another update that we're excited to tell you about. Come by and check out the "new" category to take a look at the fresh content, or read on for a list of recent additions. 
We've added nearly 40 new parts, including many frequently requested items from our user wishlist.
-Three new headwear items
-Three new shoulderpad options
-Two new chest options
-Two new glove options
-Three new legwear items, including the frequently requested kilt
-Two new footwear options
-Two new base item options
-Twenty-three new handheld options including new spell effects to accessorize your magical character, new instruments for those of the bardic persuasion, new firearms, a D20, and more
-Two new outfit configs: a "Sorceress" and a robotic "Power Armor"
-We've also added the ability to customize your eye options. Now robotic eyes or humanoid eyes are individually selectable for your character, whichever face option you select. As with many L and R slots, you can click the link/unlink button for asymmetric options.

We've also added a slew of other improvements, features, and bug fixes.
-We now accept Paypal as a payment option!
-We've added social logins for Facebook and Google+, making is easier and faster than ever to register and save characters
-Updating and improving some per-item sub-poses

As some of you who follow our Facebook page or Twitter will know already, our Gray Plastic beta material is temporarily disabled due to an overwhelming number of orders from users who wanted to try it out. Users who opted for this beta material have experienced the extended fulfillment times warned in the material description, but we're working through those orders in the order they were received and getting orders into users hands as quickly as possible. Once we finish filling the remaining orders and increasing out capacity, we plan to bring it back soon--no firm ETA yet, but we'll keep you updated. The reviews have been very positive, so stay tuned for more news here, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter.

As always, we're excited to hear what you think so drop by the site, check out the new content, and let us know. Thanks for checking in, and feel free to leave comments below or reach out to with questions, comments, or suggestions. Until next time...

The Hero Forge Team