Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Another big update: nearly 50 new parts and a new plastic material option!

We've happy to report that we just released another exciting update--our biggest batch of parts yet, and an exciting new plastic material option that we think you'll love. Read on for more details, and head over to www.heroforge.com to check out the new content!

New Material
We've added a cool new plastic material option. Our new "Gray Plastic" is produced using a DLP SLA-based 3D printing technology which makes our smoothest, most detailed models yet, and is stronger than our original plastic options to boot. It is a slightly glossy, opaque gray which makes the fine detail really "pop" right out of the box.
Our "NEW Gray Plastic" Material has the sharpest detail yet!
Our "NEW Gray Plastic" Material has the sharpest detail yet!
We've launched this new beta material at $26.99. As with all beta materials, it may be subject to extended fulfillment times as production ramps up on these new machines. We've also updated our system to allow backers' vouchers for the ultra detail plastic to apply their value towards this material and pay the difference, so feel free to try it out! If you experience any issues, please report them to support@heroforge.com.

New Parts
We've also added another content update--our biggest yet with nearly 50 new parts. This update includes a long list of items pulled from our user-request wishlist and a new "Base Item" slot, available under base, which will allow you to decorate your mini's base with cool new items, including the much-anticipated cat familiar!
We've added new armor sets, weapons, and a new "Base Items" slot!
We've added new armor sets, weapons, and a new "Base Items" slot!
What's New:
-5 new "outfit" sets
-7 new head-wear items
-1 new face item
-2 new shoulder armor items
-5 new chest pieces
-3 new gloves
-4 new leg-wear items
-4 new footwear items
-12 new handheld items
-9 new "base items" to decorate your base with
We're excited to hear what you think, so drop by the site, check out the new content, and let us know. Thanks for checking in, and feel free to leave comments below or reach out to support@heroforge.com with questions, comments, or suggestions. Until next time...
Cheers,  The Hero Forge Team

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