Friday, February 26, 2016

Our Biggest Content Update Yet!

Biggest update yet!

Hello again, Hero Forge Fans. We just released one of our biggest content additions yet. We've added a total of 40 new equipment and posing options along with a handful of menu updates and performance improvements. Come by and check out the "new" category to take a look at the fresh content or read below for a full list of additions
New Armor Options
New Armor Options

What's New:

  • 4 hairstyles
  • A pair of larger fairy wings
  • 6 pieces of headwear
  • A pair of aviator glasses
  • 2 shoulder armor options
  • 6 chest pieces
  • 4 glove options
  • 3 legwear options
  • 3 boot options
  • 7 handheld item options including new Rat and Tiny Dragon familiars.
  • 2 hand pose options, open hand and closed fist, found in the handheld item section
  • A new quiver option for your back
  • A "pugilist" pose option from Kickstarter Backer "Baron" Shawn.
  • 4 outfit config options including Elven Heavy Armor, Elven Light Armor, Orcish Armor, and a Cowgirl outfit set.
New Posing Options
New Posing Options
Thanks for checking in, and feel free to leave comments below or reach out to with questions, comments, or suggestions. Until next time!

The Hero Forge Team


  1. Idea for a future update:

    Make ears something you can unlink from each other, so you can have one ear one way, and another ear a different way.

    Then, make a few more ear options:
    Damaged ears
    Ears with big earnings
    Data Jacks

    That way it would be possible to have an ear on one side of the head, and a datajack on the other, or a damaged elf or orc ear, or a pirate with an ear full of earrings on just one side, etc.

  2. Please add a football fantasy ... should be easy and perfect for a BB team