Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Update - Wings and more!

Greetings, Hero Forge Fans!

We're happy to announce that we just launched another update in time for the holidays. Remember, we now have a "New" genre option which contains just the most recent part additions, along with an "All" genre which will show you every part from every genre!

New Part included in this update: 
-10 new pairs of wings, found in the "body" menu. Remember you can "un-link" the slot to choose each wing individually!
-13 new headwear items, including frequently requested parts like a jester's cap, barbute helm, turban, and bandana.
-Several "winter" items, including a mug, santa suit, and slippers.

We've also added several new features and bug fixes to help things run more smoothly:
-A new responsive menu design that better adapts to monitors of varying resolutions. This should make our site a lot more usable for a lot of users. If you were using Hero Forge with your browser's "zoomed out" mode previously, try reverting to regular 100% sizing (ctrl+0 for Chrome, for instance).
-Hero Forge Voucher system additions and improvements so users can more easily purchase Hero Forge digital gift vouchers for Christmas, including newer metal and mounted options. Also fixed a bug incorrectly quoting an extra $5 shipping in the cart for digital voucher-only orders.
-"Pose" moved to the main tabs, after "companions," rather than being a sub-option in the "body" menu.

Twitter Contest for Free Miniatures!
Happy Holidays from Hero Forge. Stop by our twitter account and tweet a description of your favorite tabletop character to enter to win a free custom bronze mini. We'll choose a our favorites, and a winner will be announced on twitter on December 26th!
We hope you enjoy the new content. That's all for this update. We at Hero Forge wish you happy holidays, and look forward to a new year. 
The Hero Forge Team