Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween - and another Hero Forge Update!

Happy Halloween from Hero Forge backers! We're back again to keep you posted about new additions, upcoming features, and Hero Forge announcements. Read on for the latest news!

Here's a treat: we've released another update! We've released a new batch of parts and features pulled from out user request list. This release includes a collection of new parts, and one big feature we've been working on since the Kickstarter--mounts!

Here's a quick list of the new parts included in this release:
3 Mounts - Horse, Pony, and Warg, along with three new "mounted poses" which activate in the pose menu when you've equipped your mount of choice.
New alternate "long" bases for mounted characters
4 new hairstyles
9 new handheld items
1 new headwear part
3 new chest parts
1 new legs part
3 new "Outfit" configs
18 new alternate "long" bases
This release also includes several UI updates. We've added a much-requested "All" option in the genre tab which will load the entirety of the Hero Forge library of parts all at once. We've also added a "New" Genre which we will keep updated with our most recent parts additions from release to release. We've updated the "My Characters" menu to display character thumbnails of your save folder so you can quickly and easily scroll through a visual library of your characters. The "material and scale" menu has been updated with a new rating system for materials to help users choose the material option that's best for them. 
Extended Kickstarter Vouchers!
We are also happy to announce that we have extended all Kickstarter vouchers for another full year. We are still adding new content all the time and we know some users keep checking back every month to see what's new, so we wanted to provide ample time to redeem your Kickstarter rewards. We have many plans for the coming year, so stay tuned for more updates, parts and feature additions. That's all for now. Check back next month for more Hero Forge news!

The Hero Forge Team