Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Update - Wings and more!

Greetings, Hero Forge Fans!

We're happy to announce that we just launched another update in time for the holidays. Remember, we now have a "New" genre option which contains just the most recent part additions, along with an "All" genre which will show you every part from every genre!

New Part included in this update: 
-10 new pairs of wings, found in the "body" menu. Remember you can "un-link" the slot to choose each wing individually!
-13 new headwear items, including frequently requested parts like a jester's cap, barbute helm, turban, and bandana.
-Several "winter" items, including a mug, santa suit, and slippers.

We've also added several new features and bug fixes to help things run more smoothly:
-A new responsive menu design that better adapts to monitors of varying resolutions. This should make our site a lot more usable for a lot of users. If you were using Hero Forge with your browser's "zoomed out" mode previously, try reverting to regular 100% sizing (ctrl+0 for Chrome, for instance).
-Hero Forge Voucher system additions and improvements so users can more easily purchase Hero Forge digital gift vouchers for Christmas, including newer metal and mounted options. Also fixed a bug incorrectly quoting an extra $5 shipping in the cart for digital voucher-only orders.
-"Pose" moved to the main tabs, after "companions," rather than being a sub-option in the "body" menu.

Twitter Contest for Free Miniatures!
Happy Holidays from Hero Forge. Stop by our twitter account and tweet a description of your favorite tabletop character to enter to win a free custom bronze mini. We'll choose a our favorites, and a winner will be announced on twitter on December 26th!
We hope you enjoy the new content. That's all for this update. We at Hero Forge wish you happy holidays, and look forward to a new year. 
The Hero Forge Team

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween - and another Hero Forge Update!

Happy Halloween from Hero Forge backers! We're back again to keep you posted about new additions, upcoming features, and Hero Forge announcements. Read on for the latest news!

Here's a treat: we've released another update! We've released a new batch of parts and features pulled from out user request list. This release includes a collection of new parts, and one big feature we've been working on since the Kickstarter--mounts!

Here's a quick list of the new parts included in this release:
3 Mounts - Horse, Pony, and Warg, along with three new "mounted poses" which activate in the pose menu when you've equipped your mount of choice.
New alternate "long" bases for mounted characters
4 new hairstyles
9 new handheld items
1 new headwear part
3 new chest parts
1 new legs part
3 new "Outfit" configs
18 new alternate "long" bases
This release also includes several UI updates. We've added a much-requested "All" option in the genre tab which will load the entirety of the Hero Forge library of parts all at once. We've also added a "New" Genre which we will keep updated with our most recent parts additions from release to release. We've updated the "My Characters" menu to display character thumbnails of your save folder so you can quickly and easily scroll through a visual library of your characters. The "material and scale" menu has been updated with a new rating system for materials to help users choose the material option that's best for them. 
Extended Kickstarter Vouchers!
We are also happy to announce that we have extended all Kickstarter vouchers for another full year. We are still adding new content all the time and we know some users keep checking back every month to see what's new, so we wanted to provide ample time to redeem your Kickstarter rewards. We have many plans for the coming year, so stay tuned for more updates, parts and feature additions. That's all for now. Check back next month for more Hero Forge news!

The Hero Forge Team

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hero Forge Update and Twitch Stream Invite

Hello again, Hero Forge backers! We're back again to keep you posted about new additions and Hero Forge announcements. Read on for the latest news, and learn about our upcoming Twitch LiveSteam event where we'll be fielding questions and offering giveaways!

Another Parts Update!
First off, we're happy to say that we've released another batch of new content as part of this year's rolling monthly updates. This batch includes seventeen new parts pulled from backer requests on Kickstarter messages and emails, Facebook, and Twitter. They are sprinkled across several categories and genre, so come check out the site to hunt for the new content, or read the comments section below for a complete list. As always, don't hesitate to let us know what you're looking forward to seeing. Bigger features take time and we can't get to everything all at once, but we always love hearing from you!

Hero Forge Interview on Twitch!
Join us on September 27th at 4:00pm PST for Hero Forge's first ever twitch stream! Several members of the Hero Forge team will be available for chatting, Q&A, talking about some of the features we've quietly been working on, and even some giveaways! Whether you want to hear about what we've been up to, secret features in the works, the experience of running a Kickstarter, or what it's like working in 3D printing, we hope you'll stop by and say hello; we're so grateful that you've helped us get to where we are, and we'd love to say hi and thanks! You can RSVP on Facebook and find more details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/457938094379086/

That's all for this month. Check back in next month for more Hero Forge news!

The Hero Forge Team

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Another update: new batch of parts added. Also: GenCon 2015!

Hello again!

We're happy to report that we've released another update to our character builder. Feel free to stop by www.heroforge.com to take a look. This release features a batch of new parts, and includes handful of frequently requested part additions pulled from facebook comments, Kickstarter comments, tweets, and emails we've received. So, as always, feel free to reach out on our Facebook page or on Twitter with your thoughts and part requests. We're knee deep in development of some of the last big features we unlocked during out Kickstarter campaign, but we always love to hear from more voices so we can prioritize other additions whenever we get a spare moment.

Here is a list of this month's additions:-Two new textured base options: bamboo and textured metal flooring, each available in square, circle, or hex shapes 
-Two new chest pieces: a Swashbuckler's Coat, and a trench coat with a suit on underneath
-Four new headwear items: a witch's hat, a witch hunter's hat, a top hat with goggles, and goggles worn on the forehead
-A skull mask
-A katana worn sheathed on the back
-Studded leather leg wear
-New elf-like ears which stick out to the sides rather than up and back
-And ten new handheld items, including: a kite shield, khopesh, double axe, damaged buckler riddled with arrows, scepter, glaive, open book, round alchemist's flask, morningstar, and katar

In other news, we're happy to report that we had a very thrilling GenCon 2015, where we had the wonderful opportunity to meet tons of fans and show off our new metal material options to tens of thousands of tabletop gaming fans. Thanks to all who made it out to our booth to say hello!

Hero Forge at GenCon 2015!
Hero Forge at GenCon 2015!

The Hero Forge team

Friday, July 17, 2015

July Update! New Material Additions: Steel and Bronze!

Greetings, Backers!

We're happy to report that we've rolled out another update. This one is a bit different than previous months, in that it focuses on updates to our final physical product offerings. We have added two new beta materials for our custom miniatures: steel and bronze!


Heavy and durable, A dark brown, textured metal, this material is ideal for users who want a statuesque miniature they can comfortably throw in their a dice bag for transportation. We are offering steel as an option for both our tabletop scale figures and our 2x scale statuettes!


Our bronze material is a rich, polished copper color. It is heavy, with superior smoothness and jewelry-like sheen. Our bronze material captures very fine detail that is directly comparable to our ultra detail plastic material. This material is ideal for users who want the maximum level of fidelity to their 3D design, strength and durability, and a beautiful, long-lasting model.

We know you're excited about new artistic content as well. Look forward to the August update which will include a new batch of content. As always, we have a nearly endless list of content suggestions from our backers and users, and our team is always hard at work on new content and improvements. We still have a lot in the works, so keep watching this space for more news in the coming months. And as always, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

The Hero Forge team

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1st Update

In our ongoing quest to develop, improve, and perfect our character customizer, we are continuing to roll out regular updates at the beginning of each month. We're happy to report that our June 1st update just went live, and we wanted to invite you to drop by the site and check out the newest additions.

As always, if you're experiencing any strangeness, this is likely a result of older, cached data not playing nicely with the new updates. Try clearing your cache and reloading the page (for Google Chrome, for instance, this command is crtl + shift + R). If the new character load menu does not properly show your character list, try saving a fresh character. This should re-populate the save list with your previously saved characters.

For those of you who like to see the full change logs, here is an itemized list from last month's update followed by this month's new content.

May's Update:
  • a new racial configs: half dragon, male and female
  • a new half-dragon head
  • new dragon ears
  • new scaly brow-ridges
  • new horn ridge
  • new monstrous gloves and scaly gloves
  • new scaly feet
  • short and long tentacle hair
  • Two new teeth options, including jagged teeth and orc tusks
  • new "snout" versions of many helmets, masks, and teeth options to fit new elongated face options
June's Update:

  • two new racial preconfigs (anthro-canine and anthro-feline)
  • a cat-like and dog-like facial option
  • short and long 'mane' hair options
  • a furry 'mane' beard option
  • three new animal ear options - wolf, cat, and rounded
  • two new tail options: leopard and lion
  • three new "droopy sleeve" chest pieces
  • three new armor set configs (sorcerer, kimono, short kimono)
  • New textured, scenic bases: wood, cobblestone, flagstone, each available in square, circle, hex.

  • new 'Base Label' feature: add designs or patterns to the underside of your base
  • one new horn option
  • an improved interface for weapon selection
  • an improved interface for character loading
We have a nearly endless list of content suggestions from our users, and our team will continue to hard at work on new content and improvements. We still have a lot in the works, including the remaining Kickstarter commitments including mounts, familiars, and the digital rewards, along with some other exciting additions we hope to announce in the coming months, so keep watching this space for more news. And as always, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

The Hero Forge team

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hitting our stride: new site update!

If you've been following our progress, you'll know that we've been quietly working since launch to squash bugs, implement improvements, add parts, and get the framework in place so that future updates can be easier (and as a result, more frequent). As a result, we're happy to announce the release of a new site update. Today marks the first in a series of monthly updates in which we'll be building our library of parts and features. This month's update is an accumulation of what we've been working on since launch, and includes over three dozen new parts, several visual improvements, and a variety of bug fixes. Here is a short list of the new user-facing changes you’ll find live on www.heroforge.com
Hero Forge Update - April 1st Release

• Improved weighting on skirt-like equipment to correct distortion in various poses
• Improved shoulder armor placement and weighting to decrease interpenetration and improve alignment with the pose
• Improved several poses and per-weapon poses to improve compatibility and address some interpenetration issues
• Improved and added several "tucks," causing more long sleeves to properly tuck under gauntlets and avoid interpenetration
• Improved camera positioning
• Removed "Archetype" tab of preconfigured character
• Updated and improved geometry of many weapons and equipment to improve durability in final physical figures
• Updated thumbnails for hair, beards, armor sets, races and genders
• Fixed bug that caused selected pose icon to not highlight
• Fixed bug that caused incorrect parts to be highlighted after loading a congfig
• Added a tails slot to the body tab, along with six tail options
• Updated "half-demon" preconfigs to include tails
• Improved muscularity slider to better display muscles and better match printed figures
• Added six new hair options
• Added five new facial hair options
• Added four new "outfit" preconfigs to the Fantasy genre
• Added three new chest pieces
• Added four new glove options
• Added ten new "back" items, including backpacks, weapons, equipment and new cape options
• Added one new headwear option
• Added two new weapon options
• Clicking "Add to Cart" no longer auto-saves a character in a new slot.
• Added 3D render thumbnails to cart, replacing old generic thumbnails
• Updated FAQ to include several new questions, including a brief discussion on figure scale.
• Randomize between male and female 'blank slate' on load 

We're listening to your feedback: tails, one of the most frequently requested features, have been added! 
We're listening to your feedback: tails, one of the most frequently requested features, have been added!
TIP: If you’re seeing any new issues, it is likely just old cached data not playing nicely with new, and we’d recommend you clear your cache and reload (for example, on Google Chrome, the quick key is ctrl+shift+r).

We're really excited to be starting to address a number of the requests and C&C we've been hearing about from users since we went live. We do receive a lot of excited correspondence from our Kickstarter backers and users at large asking after specific features and parts, and we will continue to listen.

Also a frequently requested feature, you can now choose from an expanded range of equipment to be worn on your hero's back: backpacks, quiver, weapons, and shield, along with new cape options.
 Also a frequently requested feature, you can now choose from an expanded range of equipment to be worn on your hero's back: backpacks, quiver, weapons, and shield, along with new cape options.

We have made several improvements on the order management side as well, building the tools and
workflow that will help us build speed, efficiency, and continue to grow. We have also reduced the average time it takes for an order to be produced and shipped. The average time from order to a custom figure being shipped out has dropped to an average of approximately 2-3 weeks.

In addition to smaller, but more regular updates, we’re continuing work on a lot of the bigger Kickstarter stretch goal features that you helped us unlock. Digital backer rewards are definitely still on the docket, and now that we've about hit our stride and worked out a lot of the kinks, we hope to begin delivering them soon. That’s all for now! Check in next month around this time for more news. And as always, we can't thank you enough for the constant stream of support, requests, bug reports, and recommendations that you've provided. As always, our Facebook page and our Twitter are some of the best places to post your feature and part requests, feedback, and photographs of custom-painted Hero Forge miniatures.

The Hero Forge Team