Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hero Forge has launched!

Hero Forge has launched!

We are pleased to announce that our December 8th release day went off without a hitch, and we are now live on the web at! We are amazingly excited, and are so thrilled to have become the internet’s home for customizable, 3D printed miniatures!

This very first release marks an important step for us. We have been just thrilled and humbled by all the amazing support we have received from our fans and Kickstarter backers who have been following this project since its inception. And now, after ten months of hard work, we have launched and are just getting started. We can't wait to build and improve upon what you have helped us build, and we simply can't wait to see how far you take us!

--The Hero Forge team

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  1. Quint - We have been dong a lot of research into how to produce the best miniatures we can. One of the big things we have been doing over the past couple of months since launch is improving and refining our models to be more sturdy and read better and better in print. This ranges from adjusting and thickening some more delicate points, and finding opportunities to reinforce our geomtry where possible. We're committed to continuing to improve our offerings wherever we can, and we'll continue to work hard on making the best miniatures possible. Thanks for your question!