Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hero Forge Forms Official Partnership with Shapeways, Inc.

We've hinted at it in the past, but we're thrilled to finally announce something that's been brewing for a while now: Hero Forge has partnered with Shapeways as the official provider of customized, 3D printed miniatures and statuettes for our Kickstarter backers!

For those of you that followed our campaign closely this partnership probably won't come as a big surprise—we've been singing the praises of their service for some time. In fact, every prototype or sample miniature we've shown off has come fresh out of a Shapeways 3D printing factory. The developer API they launched a little over a year ago is a truly important puzzle piece in our project. Without it, integrating a web-based character creator with a professional 3D printing service would have been a much bigger technical hurdle to overcome. Luckily, they've done the legwork to make sure folks like us can help folks like you make the customized products you want. We're truly excited to be taking advantage of that technology. This partnership means we will be able to work closely with their API and manufacturing teams to ensure we can take full advantage of the medium to produce the best miniatures we can.

We can't wait to see 3D printing become more and more mainstream, and we're thrilled to be able to officially announce that our favorite 3D printing provider will be powering the manufacturing side of our project. This official partnership is just another step in bringing a new, exciting option to tabletop gamers and miniature fans everywhere!

--Hero Forge Team