Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hero Forge goes to the Renaissance Faire!

Few things can get one excited about modeling fantastic sets of fantasy and medieval armor as watching jousting and sword-fighting! The Hero Forge team recently made our way to Irwindale for the Renaissance Pleasure Fair” where we enjoyed massive turkey legs, fine ales, jousting, sword fighting, and bawdy tunes. And believe me when I say that the number of creative and gorgeous costumes certainly served to inspire us as we craft, sculpt, and design costumes and armor sets for our character builder.
Joshua, Margaret, Beverly, and Teagan posing with the brave knight Don Vinchenzo.

We had heaps of fun, so wanted to give a shout-out to fair: there's still three weekends left this year so
definitely check it out if you get the chance!
Margaret demonstrating that she's as good with an axe as she is with a stylus!