Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kickstarter Campaign Happy Ending


That was amazing.

After going radio-silent for a couple days, we've finally caught our breath from the massive conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign. I just couldn't wait any longer to jump online and write a little summary of our experience (and a love-letter to the generous backers who have gotten us this far). After a truly amazing thirty-six days, we've come out the other side of our campaign with over three times what we’d initially asked for and unlocked a staggering ten stretch goals including exciting features like a batch of new character races, additional genres like sci-fi, Wild West, modern, noir, cyberpunk, and even new features like spell effects and familiars. I've said it before, but unlike some crowdfunding campaigns, we couldn't have embarked on this journey without you guys. We can’t wait to give you the tools to build something YOU are passionate about, and we look forward to seeing what you will build with what we create.

Overall, our campaign went about as well as we possibly could have hoped. If you aren't familiar with Kicktraq, you should definitely check it out when you get a chance. It provides all kinds of data and breakdowns of Kickstarter campaigns, and it was an incredibly useful tool for us when it came to understanding our progress, visualizing how things were going, and making predictions about where we’d end up.

As you can see, it really gives you a sense of the roller-coaster of the whole project. Really, our campaign’s arc was pretty similar to most: we had a remarkably good start, calmed a bit in the middle, and picked up in the end. We owe a lot to the magnitude of that great start and the fantastic coverage we got from the gaming and tech communities. Being featured on KotakuThe EscapistTechnabobNerdistTopless Robot, and many more gave us a huge edge. It got the word out. And you guys, the backers and supporters who shared us and tweeted us, who posted about us in forums and mentioned us to your gaming groups, really did the rest. It was so exciting to get messages from tabletop gaming groups who went in together to collectively order tiers with multiple figures, for example. That kind of support and enthusiasm is something we will forever be grateful for.

Another thing that we were really surprised and pleased by was the amount of questions, comments, and suggestions we got. At the moment, out comment count is just a hair shy of one thousand. And that isn't even counting all the direct messages and e-mails we got. That is an amazing amount of engagement. Let me just say that we read every single comment, message, and e-mail. We got so many interesting and valuable suggestions from backers. We will keep all that in mind as we move forward. As an aside, in case anyone is curious, some of the biggest requests from backers are as follows:
  • Putting a system in place to allow customers to download the 3D model so they can print at home
  • Antro races (most requested were cat people and lizard people)
  • A way to accommodate user-submitted parts
  • a couple of genres we didn't get to (the most frequently requested genres that we didn't quite get to in stretch goals: Superheroes, football figures, and the Steampunk stretch goal we didn't quite get to)
We still aim to be your one stop shop for minis, regardless of what game you play and world you play in, so these are all things we will be looking into. In fact, some are already on our "to do" list. For now we're going to focus on building the absolute coolest character builder and digital armory available on the internet. But know that your requests are on our mind.

So Thanks again to the Kickstarter and tabletop gaming communities! As we proceed, we look forward to keeping you updated in this blog, on our Facebook group, and if you backed us, through backer-exclusive e-mail updates!