Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Future is Awesome and Scary.

Every time an industry changes, or is about to change, people seem to either get really excited or scrawl signs that say the end is near and begin picketing. These articles have some interesting things to say about 3D printed miniatures, and have a mix of both optimism and doomsaying (The latter mostly to do with fear of 3D printing leading to mass piracy of existing models and properties).

As for me, I wouldn't un-invent Netflix or destroy the blueprints for Kindles before they hit the scene. Industries grow and adapt, and the best way to let them do that is to shake things up every now and again with new technology and new options!


  1. The smart miniature companies will stop selling miniatures and start selling model designs.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Or they'll simply open up their own 3D portals, printing customized figures with detail that far outstrips home 3D printers. Just because people have home inkjets doesn't mean that they'll opt to print off whole decks of Magic the Gathering cards, for example!

      As for us, we're using the Shapeways Developer API in order to get commercial-grade 3D printing quality.