Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Meet the Team: Web Infrastructure and Pipeline

Making a parts system that just works in your web browser is not an easy task. This is especially true when you're doing it plug-in free by using recent web standard for 3D, when you are working with a lot of 3D models, when you have to not only display said 3D models, but also package them in a finalized format that's compatible with 3D printing, all while keeping load times reasonable.

Thank goodness we have all-star tech expert David Lenna on our team. A person who I've taken to calling our "techno-wizard," David has worked for South Park Studios as their chief technical officer for the past five years. To use his words, one of the primary goals of his position is "helping people with an artistic calling do their job without having technology be a barrier, in any way, to them creating whatever they want to create." If that doesn't sound like a puzzle-piece perfect fit, I don't know what does. His background in programming, pipeline, and general mastery over all thing computer related has really aided us as we've designed our website, worked through how we'll address technical challenges, and figured out how we'll manage web servers to provide the smooth experience we want to provide.

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