Thursday, January 2, 2014

Meet the Team: Hero Forge Founders

Building the right team for a project as ambitious and cool as Hero Forge takes careful planning, technical skill, an eye for talent, and a guiding passion. Now that you've met our amazing team, it is high time to introduce my cohort and I, the founders of Hero Forge.

Teagan Morrison is technical art director for the video game studio Naughty Dog where he's worked on critically acclaimed games like the Uncharted series. He has a diverse professional background which includes 3D modeling, owning and operating a web design company, and managing teams of artists and programmers. His extensive art, design, technical and management experience has been pivotal throughout the entirety of this project. When it comes to dealing with quality, quantity, and organization of art resources, technical planning, and even web design, Teagan is our heavy hitter.

Where a larger company is allowed to have specialized employees, when you work on a small team every member has to have a diverse skill set to fill in the cracks. Luckily, I've always been a jack-of-all-trades. My name is Joshua Bennett. With a work history that spans L.A. to Hong Kong, I've been a project coordinator, freelance writer, editor, and artist, an English teacher and have even run my own small publishing label for pen and paper RPG resources. I've been involved with the tabletop RPG community for the past three years, focusing primarily on fantasy cartography for small-press and indie role-playing games. My work has appeared in Wayfinder Magazine, on, and in dozens of online shops and indie RPG releases. Working in the tabletop community has been one of the most fun and fulfilling experiences of my professional life, and I'm fantastically excited to be doing something that could really provide an opportunity for the tabletop industry to grow in a new and exciting direction.

So on behalf of me and the rest of the Hero Forge team, I want to say how much we look forward to seeing how the industry grows and expands as new technology enhances and informs a classic, analog hobby.

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