Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's Good to have Options

Not long ago, we shipped a whole bunch of sample miniatures sent off to get printed to use as demo minis for our Kickstarter video. Given that we've primarily been focused on demonstrating proof of concept at this stage, we have a limited selection of fully modeled armor sets. Going through our creations, I thought it would be a fine time to drive home how easy it is to make a distinctive model from a pool parts. We're eventually going to have one of the coolest 3D model armories on the web, but even with just the models we have now, we can do quite a bit. Here is some concept art from Molly Maloney and two quick renders of two armor sets--3D models by Teagan Morrison and Margaret Dost, respectively:

With just these two sets, a few weapons, and a couple helms, we can already give you a sense of how much variety you can generate:

A tiny fraction of the possible combinations. The variety is amazing!

It is amazing how easy it is to build a new 'feel': a pose change or a slightly different silhouette is all it takes for a pretty radical shift in the mood or impression of a mini. Given how big a pool of parts we are planning to have at launch, I would be kind of surprised if many people ever end up settling on the precise same mini. Even if you end up selecting exactly the same set of parts as someone else, given the ability to pose your character it is doubtful you'll end up with the same mini:

Anyway, the main message here is that, instead of thousands of other people having the same miniature as you, you can have something a lot more unique. I can’t wait to see what exciting combinations people will come up with!

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