Thursday, January 16, 2014

Funded in under 72 hours...!

Wow. Just wow.

I knew the gaming community was one of the most active, vocal, and passionate groups out there, but this really drives it home. We've reached our base funding goal in under three days. And we barely had a chance to savor that before flying right through stretch goal #1 AND #2! One more time: wow.

The poll for the fifth race to be added to the stretch goal #1 was locked in after only one night of voting--certainly shows us that we shouldn't underestimate how eager people are to see this project succeed! We'll have to give the next one a little more time! For those of you who didn't vote, it was a close call between the elemental humanoids and the goblins, but elemental humanoids clenched it! I, for one, am especially excited about this, and even more excited to see these races come to life in the hands of our amazing artists.

The second stretch goal, mounted miniatures, was also met quite quickly! I knew people would be thrilled to get their mini both mounted and not--we're really happy to get to provide this option, especially since it is something that we're uniquely equipped to do better than other mini companies. We have a print of this fellow on the left on its way to us, and you can bet we'll include it in an update as soon as we get the opportunity. 

And stretch goal #3, the science fiction genre pack, looks like it will be met before too long as well! Again, I really can't help but be humbled and amazed by how supportive our backers have been. As I mentioned ages ago: this is a project that we simply couldn't have done without Kickstarter and without a passionate community behind it. I get the feeling that the magnitude of that community's support has only just started to be revealed, and on behalf of our team, I want to say just how eager we are to do you proud! Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. I'm not sure if this is the best way to do this, but I really wanted to mention something about mounts. I can't find any information anywhere about whether or not you just plan on offering horses as mounts. If you provide the option for non-horse mounts, like say any manner of dinosaur, as a miniature mount, you won't be able to stop me from throwing my money at you.