Friday, December 27, 2013

The Beginning of Something New...

Greetings blog-o-sphere—Joshua Bennett of Hero Forge here!

In an effort to give a little peek into our product, progress, and process, we wanted to provide an opportunity to see what we’re up to. We thought a blog might also give folks insight into some of what goes into a (hopefully) massively successful Kickstarter campaign. I know I, for one, want a record of it this whole adventure, so: welcome to the Hero Forge Blog!

First off, what are we?

Hero Forge is a service that will let you customize tabletop miniatures in a manner similar to a video game character creator or equipment screen. This will be made possible by a browser-based WebGL UI which will let you see your character in full 3D as you build it. You’ll be able to add, subtract, and mix-and-match parts from our library of poses, weapons, hair styles, accessories, and armor (broken down into several individually switchable parts). I've taken to calling it “digital kit bashing.” When you’re happy with it, checking out will send your model to a 3D printer and get it shipped right to you. Instead of combing through low resolution photo galleries or digging through poorly stocked shelves, you’ll be able to build your character with a few clicks and a get a highly detailed, bespoke mini—what’s not to love?

We’re honestly buzzing with excitement over here: this is a service we’re really excited to provide and one we’re really eager to use ourselves. Hopefully about half a year from now, when you or I start our next campaigns, we’ll be able to build our characters from the ground up on paper AND in plastic!

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