Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Meet the Team: Rigger

We were lucky enough to get a truly fantastic rigger, Beverly Sage, on board with our project. Currently working for Nickelodeon Animation Studios, her background in character rigging has given her that perfect balance between functionality and artistry. With her help, we’re able to create new poses with wonderful freedom. This is the magic that lets us shape our models into the dynamic poses that make a miniature truly exciting. Small flourishes like rigging a fellow so his biceps will bulge when he bends his arm—those kinds of things make a subtle but notable differences in the final product, and Beverly really nails them.

But of course having something be easily and elegantly poseable is very different than coming up with actual poses. In addition to concept sketches, we've been using real-life reference photos. This, much to my joy, involved a lot of standing around in a parking lot looking silly while holding plastic swords. Snapping heaps of photos and feeding them into some nifty software let us turn these images into (somewhat terrifying) 3D reference models. Here is a pretty weird image of what this process turns out and a corresponding pose we're using in our demo models for the Kickstarter. I'd love to thanks Erika Ishii for bravely allowing herself to be digitized, Tron-style, for our project.

It is remarkably convenient to have a 3D figure to model after, not to mention that it captures realism and verisimilitude. This is yet another example of how our digital process has lot to offer when it comes to offering realism and detail while capturing heroism!

As an aside: we’re planning on one of our pledge levels including the opportunity to submit a pose for our character builder. That way you can feel like you’re a part of people’s gaming all over the world!

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  1. I had no idea people would be able to pose for their minis! That's awesome!!